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I have long heard that public speaking is ranked as one of people’s greatest fears-usually higher than their fear of death. Recently, I became aware that many people share a common fear of certain technology as well — the fear that they’ll never get it. Oddly enough, two of those great fears converge in our modern setting for public speaking and PowerPoint (or any other presentation software).

Unfortunately, many presenters and audiences share that same fear of the dreaded PowerPoint. Some presenters don’t even know where to start when it comes to PowerPoint. Some audiences fear Death by PowerPoint.

Frits Ahlefeldt death-by-presentation

I have been speaking with and without software for over thirty years. I’d like to offer some encouragement and suggest a few simple, but powerful, principles to save your next presentation.

Can We Talk?

Allow me to slip into motivational mode for a bit. Often our fear is based on the unknown or the worst possible outcome. It may help to realize that most of our fears are much worse than the reality could EVER be. I heard a great acronym that can help take the teeth out of fear. F E A R = False Evidence Appearing Real.

Sometimes we allow fears to paralyze us into inaction. Some fears in our life are good. They keep us from doing foolish or dangerous things. Other times fear keeps us from the success and effectiveness that we were destined and designed for.

The other major cause of fear is the unknown. We don’t fully know or understand something, so we’re unsure and unskilled. Learning new concepts and new skills can be solid ways to “punch fear in the face” (as Jon Acuff would encourage us to do). To overcome the fear of the unknown, sometimes learning new skills is all we need.

Overcome Your Fear of Technology

One of the reasons that Bill Gates and Microsoft are as wealthy as they are is that they have created a product that is generally intuitive and relatively easy to use. I realize some readers will laugh hysterically at that while other readers will find great comfort in those words. Continue Reading…