January 21, 2013

Thanks for checking out the blog. I appreciate it very much and I promise you I will work hard to make this as helpful and inspiring as possible so that you’ll come back often.

The main focus will be to provide encouragement and equipping to help us love and serve God and people. A major theme that will run through most posts is how we are called to love God and to love people. It sounds so simple but it is amazing how easy it is to get out of balance. A critical aspect of this concept is that loving God comes first. Loving people is up there but it is still number two. Apart from the idea that God is…well, God, and deserves to be first, when we focus on God first we can get our sense of identity and worth from Him. Then, trusting God to care for our needs, we can focus on building into the lives of those God puts around us.

One Bible passage that has been particularly meaningful to me is Hebrews 10:19-27. In it, we see the importance of meeting together with other believers so that we can encourage each other. The writer is very clear to guide us to draw near to God first in full assurance of faith. Then we can truly be a source of real encouragement for people.

It will be an interesting journey. I’d love to have you join me. When you’re ready, please subscribe to the blog so you’ll be notified when new items are posted.

Here are some key posts that will give you some things to think about and practical motivation and tools as you seek to love God and the people he has placed in your life.


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Practical Help for Personal Prayer

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Minister through Your Writing

Help for Writers

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